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Monday, February 11, 2013

Febuary I feel The Love!

Hey Everyone!
Well recently I have been reflecting on my life and attitude towards life, and I realized that their needs to be a change. I'm not exactly sure what that entails, but 1 small part of it I am going to share with you today! My life has gotten really busy lately, and I have had to accommodate that, but I went around it all wrong. I stopped doing as much for other people, instead of cutting the quiet time before bed I use for me. So I am going to try instead of pintresting thinks I honestly won't even attempt half of, to do little things for others, weather that is making them a card, sending a thoughtful email, helping a family friend achieve a goal, or reading to my sister. 
Tonight I started by finally making a card for Madison's amazing cause, The I Feel The Love Project. This organization is so close to my heart because it perfectly blends my crafting hobby with helping others by bringing a smile to their face during a difficult time. This month Madison is collecting cards for Alana, a victim of Hurricane Sandy. 

I made this card for Alana: 

I hope this post reminded you that we can make small changes in our life and when you add all your small acts together they could make a impact!

Hope all is well in your life and you should definitely create a card for Alana! more info HERE 


  1. Court, very beautiful card and such a thoughtful post. You are so wise and so mature for your age. What a blessing you are to this project and to the many others you will impact in your life. I really hope that Madison and I get to meet you one day. Thank you again for all that you do!
    Mrs. Womack

  2. Court- you have inspired me! I personally have participated in the Feel The Love Project but while reading your post thought about your words. So I want to Thank you for inspiring me to ask my Heartstring Designs DT to create a card for Alana, and to also participate in this great cause! Thank you thank you for your inspiring words.
    Scrappin Madge
    Heartstring Designs Owner