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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blue or Pink, What Do You Think?

Gender reveal parties are the newest thing happening right now amongst expecting parents! I was beyond thrilled when I was given the opportunity to help the proud parents celebrate their little “peanut”.

Invitations set the theme for the event to come and illicit the excitement of all the invited guests! We found the invitations on a blog site and had them customize for the upcoming event. Clad in blue and pink, the invitations encourage our guests to wage their guess by coming dressed in the appropriate colors.

Before deciding on a date or venue, Jen and Duc knew they wanted a candy bar. It was a great source of color in a dark room, but party goers could also munch on candy throughout the night. We made sure to have to-go-bags on hand so the candy would go home with others at the end of the night.

With the costly price of specialty colored candy, we set out to stock the candy bar with candies that were already pink and blue. The fun came when sorting gallon size bags of Easter M&M’s for two tiny bowls of candy. Fortunately for us, we were pretty close to Valentine’s Day and Easter that we could get holiday colors of pinks and blues. We found cherry and vanilla flavored tootsie rolls, air heads, gum balls, and lots of other options.

Chalk board paint works great on glass. Simply use painter’s tape to mark off the area you want to paint. We were able to use regular chalk to label the jars with what was inside, creative names, or simple “boy?” or “girl?”.

By far the most popular candy for party goers were the HErSHEy candy bars. We bought a large box of Hershey candy bars and pink/blue sharpie paint pens and carefully colored in the coordinating letters and colors. The paint pens were key when coloring the dark silver and smooth surface.

A great photo opportunity came from another tasty decoration, chocolate lollipops! Using pink and blue chocolate melts, we made lollipop mustaches and lips.

The paper pom-poms were something I could have easily crafted, if I planned accordingly. These however, we purchased from the party store and they were easy to assemble.

The photo frames were something that was lying around the house. With a hot glue gun and ribbon, they quickly became part of the elephant theme. The Cricut Cute Critters cartridge was an easy way to add elephants around the room and play into the peanut/elephant theme.

The central element to the party is the cake. The parents to be had no idea what the sex of the baby would be. Their ultrasound technician had found out the sex of the baby and contacted the bakery, making sure Mom and Dad had no idea. We made our own cupcakes in addition to the cake just to make sure we had enough. William and Sonoma has a great selection of food coloring that let us blend just the right tones. The pearls were placed on the cupcakes with a steady hand and tweezers.

Being part of this party was a huge honor for Aunt Michele. No matter the color of the cake, I already had a tremendous amount of love for this little peanut. When Jen and Duc stepped up to the cake table the anticipation in the room built. The amount of excitement, love, and support was unbelievable. Then they cut the cake, revealing an inside layer of pink icing, and their closest friends and family celebrated.


  1. SOOOOO fun! Love this idea! We had some friends do this too and what a cool idea! Thanks for documenting this all! So fun! Loved everything! Smiles, Jill

  2. That is the cutest party I've ever seen. What great ideas.
    Rae Ann O.

  3. I adore the "A little peanut is on its way, blue or pink, what do you say" shower invites! Is there any way I could order some like it for my baby shower in January?